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How long does it takes an order to delivery?

Shipments takes about 24/48 h. In any case you will be informed as soon as our courier will collect the goods from our warehouse. You will notify you by SMS or email if not provided the phone number. With this communication you'll receive tracking number and estimated delivery date.

Replacements and refunds. What happens if my order arrives in bad condition or defective, or if it is not to my liking?

* Refunds on manufacturing defects.

You can return to nowave any product with a manufacturing defect, without any cost.

You have to communicate in one month, from the discovery of the defect, to nowave, indicating the product, a photograph of the same and a description of defect. After the period mentioned above, nowave has no responsibility for the damage and the claimed defects.

To request a replacement or a refund, please contact us indicating your order number, the reason for the replacement and the product. Simply fill out the contact form or send an e-mail to

Receiving the notification, nowave will inform in 3 days the terms of return of the product.

The glasses have to be carried out with all labels, packaging, documentation and original accessories; otherwise nowave reserves restitution.

Once received the product and noted defects, nowave proceed to replacement with another product of the same type, without any cost to the customer.

* Withdrawal

The customer will have a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive days from the receipt of the product to communicate the total or partial purchase of the product withdrawal, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

After the expiry of the term of thirty (30) consecutive days, nowave not accept refunds for withdrawals.

The return made by  thirty (30) consecutive days will not result in any penalty. However, the Customer shall bear the shipping costs. Nowave has its own courier to return at a cost of 5€ which will be deducted from the refund of the product purchased and subsequently made.

To use this procedure, the product must be in the same state in which it was received. The customer must send the product in the same box or envelope or in a similar format. If the Product is not shipped with original packaging the product could undergo a devaluation.

To request the withdrawal contact us indicating the number of your order. Simply fill out the contact form or send an e-mail to and proceed to the restitution.

The repayment of the amounts paid will be made within the next 7 consecutive days of the date on which the Customer informed of its decision to terminate the contract; Nowave may withhold the reimbursement until receipt of the product or until proof of the aforementioned return.

Can I have prescription glasses with anti blue light lenses?

Yes. For people who have visual defects nowave proposes prescription glasses: you'll find HERE.

Can I go from an optical and get my prescription lenses on your frames?

Absolutely yes. Write us an email to: to get a special discount.

Are yours quality glasses?

Sure! We use lenses tested by professionals to ensure that protect your eyes properly.

What are the instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance of the glasses?

Instructions for Use for anti blue-light glasses.
Eyeglasses anti blue light is a personal protective equipment category: Ia (first).
The DPI is designed so as not to cause discomfort to the person wearing it and not in a dangerous way limit the field of view. The weight and dimensions of the product allow to move it easily.
To use the glasses is enough:

The DPI can be cleaned at the end of its use (see Cleaning).
The DPI is in single packs. You can reuse your glasses if you are sure you have them stored properly and are not exposed to any kind of pollution, in doubt replace them with a new pair. Where the DPI of the present abrasions and / or rips, following a long period of use and / or shock, it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

Improper use of this product
In addition to the normal use of PPE described in the preceding paragraphs, it is not no other use permitted.
In particular, the DPI can not be used:
as a protective barrier to aggressive agents and corrosiv and / or against the projection of objects. The product can not be used in forms or to achieve protection of a different type than those provided by the manufacturer, any tampering or alteration in addition to placing the product outside of warranty or alter the characteristics of protection.

Cleaning: the glasses do not require special cleaning operations. When necessary, you can remove any dirt and dust with the microfiber cloth provided or a soft cloth moistened with nowave detergent or non-aggressive. In particular we recommend the use of plain warm water and mild soap. The use of abrasive materials. To clean the lenses, use the microfiber cloth contained in the package and prodotto.Conservazione manutenzioneQuando unused glasses should be stored within its hard-shell case, supplied in the package when you buy the product. If the housing had been damaged in an irreversible way or lost, you can replace it with another of similar size and characteristics. Glasses before use should be stored as follows: Protected by external agents of any type that could alter the performance characteristics. Away from heat sources and flames. Away from moisture or solvents. Keep out of reach of kids.

For any further informations: write us an e-mail to or use the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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