“Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.”

(Theodore Levitt)

We are an Italian start-up born in September 2016.

Before telling you who we are and what we do, we shall tell you our history:

“My name is Gino (yes, really Gino) and I have no idea of what funnel, landing page and conversion rates are. However, I have found out that the eye is a precious organ, wonderful but fragile. Since 4 years ago I have worked in the ophthalmic field, especially in the blue light field and in finding solutions against it.”

“Here I am: I am Mauro and I have no idea how the eye works. However, I have found out that internet is an incredible space where a young company can find its own place too, selling its products all over the world. Since 4 years ago I have worked in digital marketing.”

We have combined our skills and expertise to create



Our blue light filter glasses are the beating heart of our company. Blue light is emitted by all LED and LCD screens and causes problems not only to eyesight, but also to the body in general, with more or less serious effects in relation to the amount of time we spend in front of a monitor without adequate protection from it.



First, we combined the quality of materials of our lenses (tested by Italian Universities) with a refined and well-finished design, in order to give our customers a product that is good to look at and useful at the same time. We already have more than 20,000 customers with more than 2,000 positive reviews.



Our company was born to meet the needs of those who spend many hours a day in front of a monitor, in order to preserve their eyes, and also, to please those who care about their style.



In Italy, we lead the way in blue light filter products because we have made our glasses affordable for everyone. Many have asked us, “Why are your glasses so much cheaper compared to traditional optometrists?” The answer is quite simple and in three words is SHORT PRODUCTION CHAIN




Young entrepreneur. He studied Economics, but he doesn’t remember it. He fumbles around with Italian, English, Spanish, and French. He thrives in a permanent state of anxiety. He founded Nowave to stress everybody so that no one would ever sleep again. As creative as a Russian surveyor, he has been caught selling ice to the Eskimos.


He still does not understand why he studied Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science. He still does not understand why he founded Nowave. He does not understand why people worry. He does not understand why he did not become a photographer. He takes to the office all the calmness in the world. Maybe too much. Deep down he is a pressure cooker, though. Maybe too deep down.


Our social media manager. Stingier than a Scotsman. The "like" King, the "share" master, black belt of the “hashtag”. According to Forbes, his hourly wage is higher than Le Bron James and Cristiano Ronaldo.


“La Luz”. The order-woman. Nothing gets past her, except time. In a continuous struggle with her three men of chaos. She puts all her care and attention in every and each shipment as if it were a matter of life and death like a heart surgeon in the operating theatre. She cares so much for her customers that she would literally go to hell and back for them.

Thanks also go to:

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