Once upon a time there was nerd eyewear, that you can't wear but in tha dark of your room, hoping to not cross a mirror with your sight. Later... We came: for the first time we join design, details care and quality lenses at a reasonable price. During the years something changed: Led displays brighter and brighter, our materials grew up in quality, our designs more and more glamour... What never changed are the affection and the enthusiasm that our customers gave us every day. This is the best prize for our work. Nowaday nowave is the reference for anti blue light glasses in Italy. In early 2017 nowave starts the international market, focusing on the 4 biggest country: Spain, Germany, UK and France. From September, we will be present also in extra-UE markets.




Displays in 2017 are not the same as 5 years ago. Our eyes are not the same as 5 years ago. For this reason we're continuously researching new materials, more and more performing, for our lenses and frames. Our every day focus is to find solutions to live better with new technologies, and give to our customers nice products, durable, safe for our sight. The last born, anti blue light and photochromic, already are a must-have. We were the first italian company that present the virtual try-on system. This add-on allows to try glasses directly from your house in front of the PC, using the webcam as a virtual mirror. Some other projects is on going, and we're sure that they will have the same enthusiastic welcome had for our last news.


(Alias Mauro)

Aspiring entrepreneur. He studied economics, but does not remember it. Lit with Italian, English, Spanish and French. She loves to live in a perennial state of anxiety. He founded nowave to put the anxiety necessary to make no sleep to anyone. Creative as a Russian geometry, he has been seen selling ice to the Eskimos.

He still does not understand why he studied pharmaceutical chemistry. He still does not understand why he founded nowave. He does not understand why people worry. He does not understand why he did not do the photographer. He brings the whole calm of the world to business. Maybe too much. But at the bottom is a pressure cooker. Maybe too far.

(Alias Gino)
(Alias Roberto)

He starts with Cagliari, continues with poker, but loses everything he has and ends up doing social media manager. More squatting than a Scottish transplanted to Genoa. The king of the "like", the master of the "share", black hashtag belt. According to Forbes, he has the highest hourly salary of Marchionne and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“La Luz”. The woman-order. She does not escape anything except pee. In continuous struggle with its 3 men-disorder. For all shipments it has the same care and precision as a cardio surgeon who operates a patient between life and death. It is said that they are so keen on customers that they would get into the fire for them.

(Alias Laura)

If your eyes can feel better and you can feel more cool it is thanks to:
Ili, Marcone, Leo, Fra&Tony, Batman, BomberUgo, LaStanzaDellaCluz, LaSalaDiTeresina, AreaNova Architettura, FedeArata Photography, Ranzy, N.B., Rattarone, MassimoDecimoMeridio, to be continued...

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